It's about being yourself. About seeing things relative to other things. It's about being the only person in the room who notices the way the light hits the side of a person's face for that split second. It's about trusting your instincts. It's about having the perfect amount of patience to wait for the right moment. It's about being the eyes of others. It's about always being aware of the light around you. It's about being creative at all costs. It's about proving things actually happened. It's about screwing up and inventing a new technique. It's about being ready. It's about being there. It's who I am. It's what I'm about.

I live for this craft.

I am based in Santa Barbara, CA but I am available to shoot freelance assignments anywhere along the West Coast. Currently, I use Canon film and digital SLRs with a wide assortment of lenses.

My work is represented by ZUMA Press, FilmMagic, Transtock and Alamy. Every image in my collection is available for editorial use (rights managed licensing) or fine art prints. I am completely flexible on costs and am willing to work with just about any budget. I have an archive of concert photographs for every band on this site with more being added weekly. Thanks for visiting!


Published in //
NY Post
The Wave Magazine
WAV Magazine
URB Magazine
Revolver Magazine
Drum Magazine
Modern Drummer
Defy Magazine
Kludge Magazine

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Meinl Percussion
The Key Club