02.01.07: Licensing

Licensing photos could not be easier now that PhotoShelter has integrated with FotoQuote. All my work is available for rights-managed usage. What this means is that the price of the license is based on the type and length of usage. If you are interested in using any of my photos you can pay for and download the full resolution images immediately.

08.10.06: Redesign

For the last 2 years I've used iframes on this site. Search engines hate iframes so I implemented a better solution and also linked everything to my photoshelter archive. All the photographs on my site are available for rights managed licensing (most in real-time) and prints are for sale. Please bear with me as I work out all the remaining bugs.

05.04.06: PhotoShelter Archive

For a long time I've been looking for a way to get my whole archive available for clients to license and download my work in real-time. The only real solutions currently are Digital Railroad and PhotoShelter, the latter being much more cost effective. So a couple months ago I began the daunting task of going back through my archive of concerts and other subjects and reprocessed them for PhotoShelter. Eventually I'll have a new design for my site with a completely integrated searchable archive on here as well. But until then you can check out my archive of concert, celebrity and automotive work by clicking on this link below.
PhotoShelter Archive

11.06.05: Big Update #2

The 3rd weekend in October marked the dates for 3 shows back to back to back at the Santa Barbara Bowl. 311, Weezer and Bright Eyes rounded out this years' concert series nicely. I've also added new pics of Simon Dawes, The Thrills, and Tori Amos. Check out the pics by clicking on the links below.
Bright Eyes
The Thrills
Simon Dawes
Tori Amos

10.29.05: Big Update #1

I finally got around to processing all the shots from the KJEE Summer Roundup show from last summer. Check out the pics by clicking on the links below.
The Bravery
Tegan & Sara
Hot Hot Heat
Rise Against
Jimmy Eat World

09.22.05: In Print

It has come to my attention that one of my Tori Amos photos from the Royce Hall performance is in the current issue (Sep. 21 - Oct. 4) of The Wave Magazine, which is a bi-weekly free color newspaper distributed in the Bay Area. The picture is a 3/4 page spread on pg 90. Check out the pic by clicking the link below.
Tori Amos

08.18.05: Secret Machines

The Secret Machines co-headlined their recent tour with Kings of Leon and brought with them an incredible lighting setup. I think the first one is one of my best concert shots I've taken. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Secret Machines

07.26.05: Beck

Beck brought his quirky funk to the SB Bowl last week to perform for the sold out audience under a full moon. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.

07.22.05: Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas played the SB Bowl recently and I have to admit, I was quite impressed with their onstage acrobatics. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Black Eyed Peas

06.20.05: Maroon5

Maroon 5 took over the SB Bowl recently with a full crew producing a live DVD with some 20 to 30 cameras. I wasn't too into their pop sound but the performance was incredible. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Maroon 5

06.20.05: Thievery Corp

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot Thievery Corporation's eclectic set at the Wiltern. I wasn't sure what to expect and afterwards concluded that their performance, although good, did not justified the $50 ticket prices. The full band and multiple vocalists, including Perry Ferrell, added the necessary layers to each song but the ticket prices were about $20 overpriced. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Thievery Corporation

05.17.05: Luxury Sedans

A couple weeks ago my boss organized a ride and drive for 5 of the top luxury sedans on the market. We took them up and over the hill and through Solvange before returning to work. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
ALG Luxury Sedan Shootout

05.02.05: Tori Amos

I had the rare opportunity to shoot Tori Amos last week on the last date of her US tour. I was limited to one song during her soundcheck but luckily they turned the full lights on. It was quite an honor to get to shoot an artist so passionate about their music. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Tori Amos

04.20.05: Franz Ferdinand

So after many months of procrastinating, I've finished another set from the Live 105 Not So Silent Night show last December up in SF. Franz Ferdinand is done with Modest Mouse and The Killers still remaining to be processed. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
Franz Ferdinand

04.13.05: The Antiques

I shot an imensely tallented band, The Antiques, a couple months ago in Hollywood. Check out the pics by clicking the link below.
The Antiques

04.02.05: Hot Legs

Yeah you read that right.. I covered a Rod Stewart show, or the first 8 minutes of it. Check them out by clicking the link below.
Rod Stewart

03.29.05: New Content

I finally processed shots from the Eagles of Death Metal concert that took place last October at Velvet Jones. The light that night kinda sucked and that is what caused the delay. Check them out by clicking the link below.
Eagles of Death Metal

03.24.05: New Section

I've posted a couple shots from my first automotive shoot. I had the opportunity to go on a ride and drive event for the new Hummer H3 and H1 Alpha in Lake Tahoe. Check them out and come back in the coming weeks for some more shoots.
Automotive Photography

03.24.05: New Content

I finally started processing some older concerts that I haven't touched yet. First update is The Bronx and Good Charlotte when they played last October. Check them out by clicking the links below.
The Bronx
Good Charlotte

02.20.05: New Pics Posted

I have been super busy for the last 2 weeks shooting several assignments and concerts.
Ani DiFranco
Andrew Bird
Maceo Parker

02.18.05: In Print

A magazine will be running a few of my shots of The Mars Volta in an upcoming issue. It will be their first national (US and Canada) distribution of 20,000 copies and there is word that one of my shots will be on the cover. I'll post more details once I find out for sure. I went ahead and posted some more of my shots from that awesome show.
The Mars Volta

02.09.05: Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse plays to a sold out show at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara Click on the link below to view the photos of:
Modest Mouse

01.28.05: Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee plays a DJ set accompanied by the eventvibe.com dancers at the Key Club in Hollywood. This was a concert I shot last year but hadn't put on my site until just now. Click on the link below to view the photos of:
Tommy Lee

01.10.05: The Getty Museum

I just finished a series of 10 images from a recent day of shooting at the Getty Museum. They are in the "Other" section and will soon be part of an entire subsection of architecture shots. Click on the link below to view the photos of:
The Getty Museum